Seek Out Your Mentor

Seek out your mentor.A mentor is an invaluable resource for professional development. No matter how many books, seminars, and webinars you consume, nothing compares in value to a seasoned professional coming along side you.

Today I received an introductory email response from my mentor. I joined a professional networking organization, the Association for Women in Communications, to meet one of my goals. I discovered their volunteer mentoring service and quickly sent in my response, telling a bit about myself and my professional goals. With this information, they matched me to an individual with experience in like areas.

Next week we will meet in person to decide on goals and actions steps for the coming year. She will follow through weekly by phone, email or in person as needed.

Mentoring is an incredibly generous investment of time in another person’s life. Volunteering to mentor is both personally rewarding as a way to give back, and professionally rewarding in terms of gaining coaching and leadership experience.

Have you had a mentor or have you been a mentor? What was your greatest takeaway?


4 thoughts on “Seek Out Your Mentor

  1. Until recently I never thought about the significance of a mentor, a friend of mine revealed to me he had a mentor in every aspect of his life. I thought that was a great idea, mentors. After reading your blog I am even more motivated to connect with women who can mentor me in areas of my life. I hope all goes well with yours.

    • I am very appreciative of the help my mentor gave me. Your friend is right. We can benefit from identifying a mentor for every area of our life. We can all learn more right? Let me know when you find a mentor, Jennifer. I want to know how that goes for you.

    • Thanks, Robin. I am very excited to follow through on my objectives now. My mentor helped me to focus my career goals, and identify my strengths and relevant skills. I am confident that I have much to contribute an organization. Have you used a mentor, Robin?

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