Worry Is Toxic To Creativity

stressed and worried

Artist, Tony Snipes, draws a link between worry and the creative person at  Art Lessons From God. Let’s be clear. Worry is unproductive and even toxic.

Consider how many times your thoughts are prefaced by the phrase “what if…”. Unless you are in targeted planning mode developing a strategic plan, you my friend are in worry mode. If you are a creative person, you have the abilities of greater imagination and visualization. The object of your worry becomes larger and more looming.

You flinch and do not take bold steps. Time will slip away as you mentally cycle through (worry over) every eventuality and do not act. You physically manifest stress, the partner of worry. OK, we all know this. How do we break the cycle.

Tony Snipes is on point for my belief system. He outlines specific steps to effectively leave worry with God.

Ask yourself these questions when worry surfaces:

  1. Is this true?
  2. Is this something I can do anything about right now?”
  3. What if the “what if” really happens? What will you do next?

These are shrinking tools. Typically, you find your worry shrink and your feeling of confidence increase. You decide what is yours to control and what is not. You focus on what you are capable of and free to carry out.

What tools do you use to diminish worry?

6 thoughts on “Worry Is Toxic To Creativity

  1. I suffer for worrying too much myself. This is a good way to minimize the thoughts of worry.
    I usually think of God and believe that everything that happens is for our best. I work hard to get and maintain things and people I want in my life, but there are just things that we cannot control.
    I am glad I am not the only freak in the world that worries too much :o)

  2. I’ve been worrying a lot lately. So, I made a list of the things in my life that I can’t control. It helped me to see on paper that many of my worries were just beyond my control…so there’s no sense stressing about it! But, I can control how I react to situations and my attitude about things. Sometimes writing things down just helps to put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I tend to be a worrier. I wake up in the middle of the night and start to worry about things I cannot change or foresee. Why do I do this?! It helps me to listen to a recording my step mother gave me. She is into hypnotic therapy. She talks me through relaxing every part of my body and letting go of all my thoughts and to truly let my body rest. It is amazing when I can get to that place. I guess thinking about rest, thinking about how the body needs rest, might help.

  4. What a terrific suggestion, J.R.. I was taught that practice for the birth of my first child and I was able to get through labor and delivery with no medication. I still use that technique from time to time. I will keep your idea in my back pocket the next time worry tries to get me down.

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