Feed Your Soul To Grow Joy

moniquillaYou know the tyranny of the urgent. The many things that grasp at our time, demanding our attention, loudly exhausting us must be quieted. Our joy depends on time, regular time, to feed our souls.

Some call it building in margin. I think margin doesn’t go far enough. I need “that thing” that fills me with joy. Discover that (and we all have “that thing”) and honor yourself and the one who created you by going there.

I am an artist. These colorful patterns at moniquilla made me stop and gasp! I gave myself permission to take a moment, explore my joy, feed my soul, and return to my work rejuvenated.

  • Joy (deberelene.wordpress.com)

We want to know … what is “your thing”? Tell us what feeds your soul.

3 thoughts on “Feed Your Soul To Grow Joy

  1. A variety of things feed my soul:
    * Completing a task – be that artistic, or boring work stuff and, yes, even housework. Finishing feels GOOD. (Unfortunately, housework never stays “finished” for long!)
    * Listening to music settles stressed nerves.
    * Working on an artistic piece – writing if I have the solitude, drawing if I don’t (I can draw while listening to other sounds going on).
    * Doing something to make my son happy – cos he needs his mother as much as she needs herself.
    * And, spending unfettered time with my husband or other adults.

    A balanced, fulfilled life is all about fitting all these things in. Not always easy. But, doable.

Your thoughts?

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