iPad, Why Do You Tempt Me So?

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I want an iPad.

It really is that simple. I do not need an iPad, I can do my work just fine on my laptop. Still, well, you know.

I must build a compelling case for why my business needs an iPad. Is there a case for a return on my investment?

The headline caught my attention immediately: Top 5 Business Uses for the iPad. It is all about the right app today and this article focuses on 5 business changing apps. Armed with this information, I intend to build a stronger case (and save my money) until the iPad is mine. I think we’ll be happy together.

11 thoughts on “iPad, Why Do You Tempt Me So?

  1. We have two laptops at home…as one begins to die we are trying to decide whether or not to replace it with an iPad. My fear with one at home is that our son will constantly try to monopolize it, so I think we are going to delay the purchase.

    We have also talked about getting them at work to hold student records, so that we can reduce the amount of paper that we are using. But we just haven’t managed to figure out how to make it work and not have the iPads used for play instead. They definitely are more fun.

    • Jennifer, I don’t see why they cannot be used for student records. For a couple classes last year I was working on writing a grant proposal and the interface design for a charter school based around the students, staff and parents connecting using IPads. Keep looking at it. My hunch is it will be well worth it.

  2. I want an iPad too! I’m trying to sell my husband on the fact that cooking in the kitchen would be so much easier without all these bulky cookbooks!

  3. Hi Amy! I wanted an iPad too, but I couldn’t afford it. So I thought of a really necessity on having one. I have a laptop and a very good phone that pretty works as an Pad – the Samsung Galaxy 2. So I realized I wanted something I could buy and read books. I chose the Kindle Fire that does exactly what I need in a very reasonable price. I am very satisfied with it. :-)

  4. This blog entry is sort of a departure from the posts that precede it and the two that follow it. I like that. You put something with a lighter tone mixed in with your more serious personal growth content. I like this as a strategy for keeping the readers engaged – by keeping them guessing. Good job!

    • Thank you, Terry! I’m glad to hear that my stream of thought is not too random for my followers. Or rather, I’m glad my strategy is effective.
      So, how do you decide which electronic device is your next must have toy, I mean tool?

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