There Is No Career Ladder – Priscilla Claman – Harvard Business Review

Old red iron ladder going into rocky canyon

No career ladder? Is anyone sad?

In the Harvard Business Review Blog, Priscilla Claman suggests your career path will most likely look like, well, a path. This is a good thing. You will have more options for exploration of new skills and a more active role in the story of your career.

Read about 3 ways you choose to move your career forward.

There Is No Career Ladder – Priscilla Claman – Harvard Business Review.

Can you share your experience of what this looks like? What is your experience?


Social Media: A Positive Change for Humanitarian Aid

TED (conference)

We can no longer trivialize social media’s importance and what it means for communities around the world. Rather, we must all learn to use it, leverage it, and invite all the potential good out if it respecting the power it holds. This is a game changer.

TED — Social Media: A Positive Change for Humanitarian Aid

Haiti allowed us to glimpse into a future of what disaster response might look like in a hyper-connected world.” (Paul Conneally)

Don’t Miss The Cohoes Falls In Upstate New York

Cohoes Falls at Cohoes, NYI have to admire Cohoes mayor, John T. McDonald, III, for standing up and daring to champion the Cohoes Falls. I grew up in this town. The author’s remarks are true!

I can only imagine the resistance he received in this small town from the “it’s never worked before” crowd. Prime waterfront real estate had remained a diamond in the rough for centuries, until this visionary wouldn’t let it rest.

I am delighted to show my children and grandchild­ren the Cohoes Falls in all her glory, and the credit goes to John T. McDonald, III.

Do you have a diamond in the rough story? Please share; I never grow tired of tales like these.
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Dreamers, Raise Your Hand So We Can See You

I see those hands. Some of you are tentatively putting that hand up. I think I know why. When we are told,

Man thinking on a train journey.

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“You’re a dreamer.” the tone is sometimes admiration, and often times disdain. Be encouraged.  The world needs you.

I came across this quote recently and it made my heart sing.

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” — Cherie Carter-Scott

If your thought process has wandered beyond the possible, beyond the probable over to the impossible and you flip that thought around  like an interesting rock in your hands, the world needs you. Continue reading

iPad, Why Do You Tempt Me So?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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I want an iPad.

It really is that simple. I do not need an iPad, I can do my work just fine on my laptop. Still, well, you know.

I must build a compelling case for why my business needs an iPad. Is there a case for a return on my investment?

The headline caught my attention immediately: Top 5 Business Uses for the iPad. It is all about the right app today and this article focuses on 5 business changing apps. Armed with this information, I intend to build a stronger case (and save my money) until the iPad is mine. I think we’ll be happy together.

Feed Your Soul To Grow Joy

moniquillaYou know the tyranny of the urgent. The many things that grasp at our time, demanding our attention, loudly exhausting us must be quieted. Our joy depends on time, regular time, to feed our souls.

Some call it building in margin. I think margin doesn’t go far enough. Continue reading