Working For Free And Living With Abundance

Hex sign abundance

Favors, Freebies and Discounts. Where do we draw the line and should we draw the line?

I want to support my favorite charities and delight when my work fills a need. When I can help a friend or relative, it is a blessing for both of us. Usually.

We have all been there. That uncomfortable moment when we know we are overextending ourselves and resentment is creeping in. It doesn’t have to be this way and we do not need to react by saying a firm ‘no’ to all future pro bono work.

The solution has to do with understanding our time is a limited commodity, as is our money. Take a quiet break and a pad of paper and write down a budget for types of donated work with time allotments for each per week and  month. Study your list, are you uncomfortable? Edit until you feel satisfied.

Working free, free of resentment, contributes to a life of abundance.

For more detail about working for free, check this article by Marc Zegans.

Do you have any tips on handling requests for pro bono work? How to you manage your yes and no response?

How to Build the Stamina You Need As An Entrepreneur

How have you been starting your day? Is that working for you?


I snuck onto the cover of "Entrepreneur&q...

At, Jen Groover shares very helpful recommendations  that will boost our productivity. She likens stamina to a muscle we have control over to develop or not.
Listen to Jen Groover in this 60 second video as she makes a compelling case for an entrepreneur’s vital need for stamina and how to tap into your personal stamina building habits. How to Build the Stamina You Need As An Entrepreneur


What is one habit you can change or eliminate to increase your stamina? What positive habit do you have that just revs up your stamina? 


iPad, Why Do You Tempt Me So?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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I want an iPad.

It really is that simple. I do not need an iPad, I can do my work just fine on my laptop. Still, well, you know.

I must build a compelling case for why my business needs an iPad. Is there a case for a return on my investment?

The headline caught my attention immediately: Top 5 Business Uses for the iPad. It is all about the right app today and this article focuses on 5 business changing apps. Armed with this information, I intend to build a stronger case (and save my money) until the iPad is mine. I think we’ll be happy together.

Feed Your Soul To Grow Joy

moniquillaYou know the tyranny of the urgent. The many things that grasp at our time, demanding our attention, loudly exhausting us must be quieted. Our joy depends on time, regular time, to feed our souls.

Some call it building in margin. I think margin doesn’t go far enough. Continue reading

Sustainable Leadership Must Be A Core Value

“It is about taking their best people and providing the environment and opportunity to learn whatever is needed to assure those people will become the best leaders they can become.”

Few would argue that a successful business or organization depends on leadership. The leader steers the team. It all depends on the leader.

Or does it? You hear the term sustainable leadership around more and more. I am familiar with sustainable living concepts, but sustainable leadership? I investigate.

Sustainability Camp

Sustainability Camp (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

In a thoughtful analysis of sustainable leadership in About Leaders, guest contributor Tim Cummuta writes about how this works and why it matters citing examples of GE and Apple. Cummuta states, “It is about taking their best people and providing the environment and opportunity to learn whatever is needed to assure those people will become the best leaders they can become.”

The idea is to be less focused on finding the right leader time and again, but rather deciding: we build our leaders at every level from within first. We mentor employees for leadership. We value experience from within the company. We acknowledge that leaders leave and we have a plan for that. Continue reading

Worry Is Toxic To Creativity

stressed and worried

Artist, Tony Snipes, draws a link between worry and the creative person at  Art Lessons From God. Let’s be clear. Worry is unproductive and even toxic.

Consider how many times your thoughts are prefaced by the phrase “what if…”. Unless you are in targeted planning mode developing a strategic plan, you my friend are in worry mode. If you are a creative person, you have the abilities of greater imagination and visualization. The object of your worry becomes larger and more looming.

You flinch and do not take bold steps. Time will slip away as you mentally cycle through (worry over) every eventuality and do not act. You physically manifest stress, the partner of worry. OK, we all know this. How do we break the cycle. Continue reading

Seek Out Your Mentor

Seek out your mentor.A mentor is an invaluable resource for professional development. No matter how many books, seminars, and webinars you consume, nothing compares in value to a seasoned professional coming along side you.

Today I received an introductory email response from my mentor. I joined a professional networking organization, the Association for Women in Communications, to meet one of my goals. I discovered their volunteer mentoring service and quickly sent in my response, telling a bit about myself and my professional goals. With this information, they matched me to an individual with experience in like areas.

Continue reading